Rattlesnake Vaccine

Low Cost Pet Vaccines of Los Angeles 

Any dog over 4 months of age that can be exposed to rattlesnakes should be considered for the rattlesnake vaccine.Whether you live near snakes, or go hiking in the desert or mountains, or anywhere where there may be rattlesnakes, its a VERY good idea to have your dog vaccinated.150 THOUSAND dogs and cats are bitten by rattlesnakes every year.Rattlesnake bites are often fatal in dogs, and even dogs that survive the bite can be permenantly damaged.Side effects from the vaccine are rare and typically very mild.The vaccine has been reported to both delay the effects and greatly reduce the severity of rattlesnake bites and help dogs survive and recover more quickly with less pain and swelling.It is always recommended that a rattlesnake bite be treated as a veterianry emergency, even when the dog has been vaccinated.A dog should get at least two doses, 30 days apart, and then once a year after that.
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