Low Cost Pet Vaccines of Los Angeles 

WE CAN MICROCHIP your dog or cat at our vaccine clinics.

A microchip GREATLY increases the chance of recovering a lost pet.

We use HomeAgain microchips.
This is a Pet Id and also a Recovery Service.
A Tiny chip, the size of a grain of rice is injected under the skin of your dog or cat. It only takes a minute.
Some pets cry for a second, and some don't even feel it.
The cost is $45.00 to have the microchip put into your pet at our vaccine clinic.

​You will then need to either call Home Again ( 888 ) 466-3242, or go to their website HomeAgain.com, to register your pet's microchip. ( Give them your current information )

​The registration is an additional $16.99 / year. This is a valuable service with MANY benefits. But it only works if you register your microchip and keep updating the information when you move or change your phone #.To read more about the benefits of this service go to HomeAgain.com 


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