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We're HERE for your Pets !

At Encino Veterinary Clinic we Offer a CLEAN, SAFE Envinronment for Spaying and Neutering your Pet.....

Some clinics may refer to themselves as "Low Cost" but when you add up the fees, they're the same or even more expensive than ours.  


We want your pet to undergo these surgical procedures in a clean safe environment.

Each animal gets it’s own individual surgery pack, no sharing of instruments as can happen in low-cost, assembly line practices.  A Sterile technique for each animal with a veterinary technician overseeing each patient’s anesthesia on a one to one basis.

Pain management is a priority, and, although most animals manifest little pain from these procedures, we always dispense medication to be sure they experience the absolute minimum discomfort.

Its your decision when to spay / neuter your pet but our doctors will be happy to explain the pros and cons of  spaying or neutering and at what age.

Most of the time you can pick up your pet the same day.

We do spay / neuter procedures Monday thru Friday and Encino Vet Clinic.

Please call or emailfor spaying and neutering prices and any further questions.

Low Cost Pet Vaccines of Los Angeles 

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