Each Individual along with the advice of their local veterinarian,  may decide whether to treat their pet for heartworm, based on these statistics, as well as whether they are planning on traveling to other states where heartworm is more prevalent.

Heartworm disease is caused by a mosquito-borne parasite. This parasite infects dogs, various wild animals, and sometimes cats.

Animals may become infected when bitten by mosquitoes that are carrying the parasite.

Since 2005, 56 cases of headrtworm have been reported in pets in Los Angeles County. Nineteen infections were considered locally aquired, since these pets had not traveled outside of  Southern California. 

Only 3 cases were in cats. 

Symptoms may include tiredness, trouble breathing, coughing and heart failure.

We carry Heartguard for prevention of heartworm, at our two Southern California Hospitals - not at the Vaccine Clinics. 

Heartguard works "retroactively", for the month before, so if you have traveled to an area where hartworm is prevalent, you can have your pet tested for heartworm and then give them heartguard when you return.

Florida and Texas are the heartworm capitols of the United States.

All pets that travel should be tested periodically for heartworm. 

Newly adopted pets should also be tested. The test is quick and easy and can be done at either one of our two hospitals while you wait.

Is Heartworm Really an Issue ?

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