Low Cost Pet Vaccines of Los Angeles 

The Purpose Of Vaccines

To save yourself from the heartbrake of losing a loved pet, and to maintain the health of your family, it's important to keep your pets vaccinated.

Parvo is the most common viral disease in dogs. It is often fatal and occurs most often in  puppies.

Pets, just like other animals, and humans, can get sick, even if you take proper care of them and even if you keep them indoors all of the time.  Although they develop a natural immunity to certain diseases, from their mother's milk, this immunity doesn't last forever. 

When pets grow older, they become more susceptible to disease. The best way to insure they are protected from disease is the have them vaccinated.

Vaccines not only help protect your own pet, they help protect other animals and pets from disease. If your un-vaccinated pet gets sick, it could transmit the disease to other pets.  Some diseases that pets get can be transmitted to humans. Rabies is fatal and for that reason it's required by law that pets are immunized against rabies. Other diseases can carry flu-like symtoms in human beings, and worms can also be transmitted to children and adult human beings.

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