• We will only provide boarding services for our clients. If your pet is not a patient at our clinic (s), we will not be able to accommodate him / her without an exam and labwork.

  • We require all pets over 6 years of age to have current bloodwork and urinalysis in order to stay with us.

Boarding Protocol for All Pets at Encino Veterinary Clinic and Calabasas Veterinary Center -

  • Current on all vaccines and exam

  • Current of fecal / giardia test

We apprciate your understanding and cooperation !

Our Boarding Policy at Calabasas Veterinary Center and Encino Veterinary Clinics

Vaccines are especially important when preparing your pet for boarding.

At the boarding facility, your pet may be  in close proximity with other animals that could possibly be harboring infections.

Though every boarding facility has it's own requirements, most will require proof of current vaccines for 1) Rabies,  2) Bordetella , 3) DHPP for Dogs,

and FVRCP,  FELV and Rabies for CATS.

Be prepared with vaccine certificates to prove your pet is properly vaccinated before visiting a boarding facility. Call ahead to find out their particular requirements so your pet doesn't get left without a place to stay when you travel.

Your receipt from our LowCostPetVaccine Clinic will serve as proof of vaccination for your boarding facility.

Boarding A Pet

Low Cost Pet Vaccines of Los Angeles 

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